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Iconi Ludorum

Icons of Sports

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Iconi Ludorum, first and foremost, is a hastily crafted latin phrase on my part. Iconi, shocking as it may be, is a fake word. I figured if there had been a word for icon, it would have been iconus. So iconi is masculine nominative plural for my scholars out there. Ludorum would be plural genitive of "ludus". So, in the grand scheme of things, my official fake translation if "Iconi Ludorum" is "Icons of Sports". And that is exactly what IL is.

I felt that there were far, far too few communities dedicated to sports icons. But surely there were plenty of sports fans? So I created IL to fill in the gap some. A community of sports icons--any and all sports. If it's mildly athletic (yes, NASCAR counts), post them here. Alternatively, you can request icons if you haven't quite found that special someone in a 100x100 square.

1. Please, have pride in your work and yourself. I don't expect gorgeous creations, but don't post ridiculous icons you made in paint during a 5-minute span.

2. If you have more than three icons, post three teasers and put the rest behind a cut.

3. ONLY sports icons. Obviously, it's okay if you're linking to a batch that has sports icons among other selections.

4. Always credit. End of story.

5. Always show respect to fellow members. Harrasment, "put-downs", any of that will not be tolerated. Keep it to yourself.

6. If you have anything graphic or explicit, put it behind a cut. I think a sports community shouldn't have TOO much trouble with this, but whatever.

7. You may plug your own community, but only within an icon post. As in, "click here for these icons, and see more at my new community flarglesports!" If you name your community flarglesports, then maybe I'll make some exception.

8. Requests are allowed. This is tentative. Should the community become flooded with wayyy to many requests and too few icon posts, I may reconsider. But always check the tag listing. You can do that by clicking here.

9. Whenever possible, tag your entries. If the necessary tag is not on the list then I'll make it, but maybe try and mention it to me, just make a comment on an entry of mine and I'll get to work on it. Or, if you have a crapload of teams and just don't have the time, yeah, I do understand and I'll pick up your slack. But when you can, do your own tags, for my sake. In order to view the list of available tags, make your entry, then go to the view entry/commenting window and click the tag button on the small task bar. This will allow you to tag with the aid of the list, instead of going it blindly.

10. If, for whatever reason, you do not tag, please be sure to mention people or teams in your post to help me categorize them in the tags. As in, somewhere put [9] Roy Shakenbake icons, [12] Paducah Padukers icons. That way, I know who the hell these icons are of and to tag them as Roy and the Padukers, if for some reason you failed to tag them yourself.

11. No hotlinking, stealing, posting of innapropriately sized or formatted icons, blah blah blah.

Iconi Ludorum is currently owned and operated by oceanblueicons, which is _oceansong_'s icon journal. And for now, I'll be the only one running IL. Should I need help later on, I'll make a plea.

Oh, and I'm primarily a baseball fan (MARINERSANDREDS!!!) which is why this community is decidedly baseball themed. I'll probably change it for football season or something. So if you hate baseball or something, er, just chill till the fall.

That's it. Get out there and icon.